Monday, 14 January 2013

8 Months Later...

I can't believe the last time I wrote a post was 10th May 2012, these past eight months have gone unbelievable quick! I hope that people who used to be able to relate to my blog still have the link saved somewhere as your support was amazing!

A lot has happened in those eight months and I am still in at my 'new' job which is brilliant news, as my problems with my old job were causing my Fibromyalgia to worsen. I was stuck in a rut and if I'm honest I couldn't see things getting better at the time, but luckily they did.

If I have learnt anything about my Fibromyalgia, it's that the happier you are with your life the easier it becomes to manage. The pain, fatigue and general feeling ill will never go away BUT the happier I am with things the more I am willing to cope with it and push myself to do more. If I'm doing something I really want to do, the pain that comes after is worth it.

This has been a huge eye opener for me as life is too short to be unhappy especially if you have a debilitating illness. Now I quite enjoy my job and the people that I work with which means getting out of bed isn't as bad. I have amazing friends who understand when I can and can't do things. But most of all my boyfriend and my family have been incredible at helping me see things more positively. 

It is so easy when you have a disability to just let it get the better of you and give up, which is what I did. I was so depressed and upset all the time, thinking why me? Why do I have to have this illness? Then I came to realise even though I can't imagine being in anymore pain and how hard it is to cope with sometimes, there is always someone worse than you.

Don't get me wrong, it's not all fine and dandy. I still have days where I feel so unwell and in that much pain I struggle to move and I don't want to get out of bed. I still get upset especially with people who don't understand an invisible illness. But I'm slowly learning to just accept it as it is just something I'll have to put up with.

My new years resolution is positivity, as it's amazing how your way of thinking can change your life.

I am currently looking into different supplements for Fibromyalgia, and will be the topic of my next post.
If you have any to recommend or have heard have helped please let me know.

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