Sunday, 17 March 2013

Want to contact me?

Since starting my blog I have had a few people asking me questions or leaving me messages which have been so amazing and inspiring. 
Therefore I have decided to set up an email and Twitter account for people to contact me.

For any private messages or questions you would like to ask me relating to Fibromyalgia, please email me on: 

Or follow and tweet me on Twitter:


I am hoping my Twitter page will be a place to communicate with people that follow and read my blog and to start a place where I can meet other sufferers of Fibromyalgia.

I am also thinking of starting a Facebook page, so that might be coming soon!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Why I dress like a boy...

I was looking through my blog posts and they are all mainly writing, so this time I wanted to try and incorporate some pictures...

I have often thought to myself when I look in the mirror that I am dressed like a boy. Don't get me wrong, I am a girly, girl. I love make up, getting dressed up and having my hair down and curly. 
I would praise anyone with Fibromyalgia that can make an effort like some normal girls do every single day!

I would love to get up and put all my favorite make up on, and have my hair down and straighten/curl it and wear my favorite clothes everyday, but quite frankly I prefer my sleep.
If you have Fibromyalgia you will understand how exhausting it is and how important sleep is. So for me an extra hour in bed in the morning before work will always win over getting up and making myself look nice.

Most girls would love long, thick hair and I am very lucky that I do have long, thick hair.
When washing, drying and styling your hair can leave you in agony having long, thick hair is a nightmare!
I never want to wash my hair because I know my arms will be throbbing in pain afterwards. So I try to wash my hair as little as possible, one/twice a week. Quite often my mum has to wash and dry it for me because I don't have the energy or I'm already in too much pain.
This means I have my hair tied up every single day. Some girls probably think 'why does she always have her hair tied up?' but it's because I'd rather stay in bed longer in the morning and it hurts my arms too much to do anything with it. 
I even cut it short into a bob when I was 17 to see if that helped but that was harder as I couldn't just tie it up so I had to style it every morning. Luckily it's grown back now and is just as long as it used to be. 

If you have Fibromyalgia and could tame this hair every morning, I would give you a medal.

If you have any quick and easy hair styling tips, they would be very much appreciated!

Most girls wear gorgeous clothes that are the latest trends from the high street shops as their everyday wardrobe. 
The one word to sum up my everyday style is comfort!
I live in hoodies, tracksuit bottoms, chinos, jeans, trainers/pumps/high-tops and generally baggy, comfy clothes. 
This is where I dress like a boy. 
Me and my boyfriend often laugh as we end up dressing similar. But I would much rather wear nice comfy clothes than be uncomfortable in the latest trends and fashionable clothes.
As I am in so much pain and ache so much everyday, I get very agitated. If my legs are aching the last thing I want to wear is jeans. If I am in a lot of pain I also get very hot and flustered, this means wearing anything tight would just stress me out and make me worse. This is why I wear baggy tops and hoodies. Walking any distance can leave me exhausted and in agony so wearing comfortable shoes is one of the most important things for me. My favorite is high tops, they are padded and cushioned so they are comfy and warm. Plus they go up your ankle and give me that extra support. 

It doesn't help that I have a HUGE love for trainers, pumps and high-tops.
I would much prefer to spend £60 on a pair of trainers I'd wear everyday than a pair of heels I'd wear every now and again to go out. 

These are the latest on my 'wish-list'!

I am very lucky as I have an amazing boyfriend that doesn't care what I wear as long as I'm happy. Don't know how he puts up with me when I turn up looking like a chav, wearing my favorite hoody and trackie bottoms with my hair shoved up and no make-up on.
As for work wear I keep things pretty much the same, black/grey chinos with a baggy top and cardigan/jacket with flat shoes. It amazes me that girls want to wear heels to work. And again my hair is tied up everyday, with minimal make-up. This is purely for two reasons, I want longer in bed in the morning and I sit in a chair all day so I want to be comfy.

Even though I dress like a boy pretty much everyday, I am the complete opposite if I am going out at night or going to a special occasion. This is when the girly girl side of me comes out. I love wearing gorgeous dresses and heels, fake tanning, putting all my favorite make-up on including my fav red lippy, and having my hair done all long and curly. I probably look like a completely different person. This is because it's normally a one off or special occasion. I only tend to go out once a month, if that, because I am always just too tired and achey. I would much rather snuggle on the sofa.
When I am going out, my mum tends to help me with my hair because I would be in so much pain if I had to wash, dry and style it myself. I make sure I fake tan the night before. Then I can relax and take my time doing my make up. 


Everyday Outfit                  Going Out Outfit
(Hair tied up, Hoody, Baggy Top, Pants and Trainers)         (Dress, Heels, Hair Curly, Make-up and Fake Tan)

Definitely look like a completely different person!

As long as I'm happy and comfy then that's all that matters.
You should never care what anyone else thinks, it's my health and standard of living that is more important.

I try and do everything possible to make everyday life easier for me and if that means dressing like a boy then so be it!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

My Big Fat Rant...

Lately something has really been bugging me so I need to have a big fat rant to get it out of my system.

Due to my Firbomyalgia I only work 16 hours a week. This works out as 4 hours a day over 4 days in the week. So to full time workers who do 35+ hours a week, I can see why this doesn't seem much at all. 


I am sick to death of people saying comments to me about how little I work. A few common examples...

"I wish I was going home at 1:30pm!"

"It's alright for you, you've had a lie in before you came to work!"

"How are you tired? You only work 4 hours a day!"
"How are you tired? You've hardly done anything today!"

"It's alright for some getting a day off in the week!"

and the one that really gets on my nerves...

"Your lucky you only work part-time!"

In what way am I lucky?
I have a debilitating illness that affects my everyday life and causes me excruciating pain and fatigue, yet I am somehow lucky!

Yes, I may only work 4 hours a day but to me it feels like forever
Just 4 hours of work will leave me so tired and feeling so ill that I have to go home and get back into bed. There is rarely a day when I have been to work and not gone home for a nap straight afterwards.
I even have special pyjamas, eye mask, alarm and fur blanket for my afternoon naps!

Yes, I have a day off in the week but I mostly spend this in bed, resting, recovering and saving my energy to get me through the rest of the week. 

However, a lot of people are surprised to know that I don't just have the one job. I am very lucky that I have been making handmade hair accessories for a company for 5 years now. I make these from home and can amazingly do them in bed while I watch tv and films. I would not be able to cope without this small extra income. And yes I accept bragging rights for how good my second job is, especially as one of the shops the bows are sold in is harrods! 
(so even when I'm at home, I don't stop working)

I have also recently finished my nail technician training and have started doing a few treatments here and there to earn some extra money. As I do anything and everything I can to be able to work more than 16 hours a week. However, bows and nails do have to come second to my main job and illness as sometimes I am too tired and ill to do them.

A lot of people don't realise how debilitating and crippling Fibromyalgia can be. A lot of people with this condition have had to give up work all together. I am at a stage with my illness where I do manage to work even if they are limited hours and I have to push myself to do it. So don't be surprised if you say a comment about how little I work and I get an urge to punch you in the face!

My new response that tends to shut people up immediately when they say remarks like the ones above is...

"Well why don't you get a disability or debilitating illness and then you can work as little as me?!"

I would do anything to be able to work full time!!!

Rant over.